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Get Healthy Meals and Ingredients at These Milwaukee Area Locations

healthy salmon meal with lemon and asparagus

Healthy Restaurant and Food Options in Milwaukee, WI

By Derek Paulus, digital marketing specialist at Network Health

Milwaukee is a culinary hub offering some of the best food available anywhere in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest. Let’s be real, though. The foods that taste the best often aren’t the foods that are the best for us from a health standpoint.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Healthy eating can be delicious too. Whether you’re planning an evening out or want to cook something special at home, there are plenty of healthy restaurants and food stores throughout the Milwaukee area that can deliver the flavor you desire with the nutrition your body needs.

Keep in mind that what is “healthy” can be subjective. You might be content with “healthier” options that may not be considered health foods but still allow you to enjoy a guilt-free night out. Additionally, depending on your diet, your idea of healthy foods might vary from someone else on a different meal plan.

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Restaurants With Some of the Best Healthy Food Options Near Milwaukee

Like anyone else, we know what tastes good, but we aren’t professional food critics here at Network Health. Instead of treating ourselves as the arbiter of healthy eating in the Milwaukee area, we decided to head over to Milwaukee subreddit on to get the opinions of the people at large. Here are some of the top recommendations we found in the Milwaukee area, including nearby Wauwatosa, Brookfield and more.

R&R Poke – This Wauwatosa restaurant offers poke bowls and sushi, with create-your-own options that make it even easier to stick to only the healthiest ingredients.

City Market Café and Bakehouse – With spots in Wauwatosa and Shorewood, the breakfast and lunch fare includes well-balanced options, including many vegetarian and vegan options.

Beerline Café – Describing themselves as “fresh-casual,” this vegetarian Milwaukee restaurant offers healthy sides like roasted asparagus and fruit cups, and meals using healthy ingredients.

Hue Asian Kitchen – This restaurant is located down in Bay View, but also has a food truck that you’re likely to see at various events. It also offers a gluten-friendly menu.

Urban Beets – This Wauwatosa café seemingly has it all, from a raw juice bar to plant-based plates for both breakfast and lunch.

Top Healthy Food Stores Around Milwaukee

If you prefer to cook at home, we also have a list of some of the top food stores where you can buy healthy ingredients. Some also include pre-made foods that are great for adding to a homecooked meal. Check out some of the options below.

Beans & Barley – We start this list with a place that could just as easily be included in the list of restaurants above. Part café, part market and part deli, this Milwaukee store covers it all.

Outpost Natural Foods – If organic foods are what you’re after, this is a great place to shop. They even have fresh food in the café and grab-and-go options at their four locations.

Riverwest Co-Op – Another grocery and café combo, many products come from local businesses. You can also buy certain products in bulk, such as lentils, nuts, grains, beans and more.

Fresh Thyme Market – Though not locally exclusive, this grocery store remains a top option for a wide variety of organic and natural foods, especially for those just starting a new healthy journey. Nearby locations are in Milwaukee, Brookfield and Greenfield.

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If you are new to a healthy-eating and healthy-living lifestyle, just know that you don’t have to get started alone. The resources on this page are a great way to help you find foods that fit your diet and busy schedule, and there’s a whole lot more where that came from here on the Network Health blog. Click the link below to explore a variety of resources that can guide you along the path toward healthy living.



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