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person being stressed looking at their smartphone and smartwatch

Don’t Miss the Most Important Notification…From Your Mental Health

Modern technology provides new opportunities for connecting with one another, but more for stress as well. In this article by wellness coordinator Mindy Arndt, you’ll learn about these stresses and how to avoid them without completely unplugging yourself from the world.

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Person at desk balancing books on their head

Good Posture is Straight Up Good for Your Whole Body

This article by the Network Health supervisor of wellness Samantha Clark examines what constitutes good posture and the benefits of good posture which extend far beyond simply standing up a little taller. Learn about these benefits and how have great posture in May and all year.

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person on bicycle in park looking off camera

Bicycle-Based Observations Encourages Sustainable and Active Transportation

Your bicycle is a marvelous invention. It's an exercise machine, a means of transportation and a simple way to reduce your environmental impact. In this article by senior quality care coordinator Tara Dontje, y0ou'll learn about Bike to Work Day and Bike Month, two May observances that celebrate the humble bicycle.

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person looking like they have depression

Finding Hope for Treatment Resistant Depression with TMS

There's an unlikely treatment option for those who have exhausted remedies for depression. Magnets. How do they work to treat depression? Find out in this feature article from Ascension's TMS program coordinator Tracy Karnitz.

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Person using asthma inhaler in park

Medication Provides Relief and Security for Asthma Sufferers

In this article by Network Health quality care coordinator Sally Bowman RN, you'll learn about the medications that are available to help manage asthma symptoms and which is the right one for you. There are several, so putting an asthma action plan together is crucial. Learn more.

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spread of food with high allergen content

Plates of Peril

Eating at a friend's house or dining out is a fairly straightforward affair for most. For those with food intolerances or food allergies, however, eating can be downright dangerous. In this post, Network Health quality care coordinator Kristen Roloff RN, talks about food allergies and how we can all be more conscientious.

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