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scientists working on COVID-19 vaccine for coronavirus

How Soon Will We Have a Vaccine for the Coronavirus?

Everybody, the world over, is waiting for news on a vaccine for COVID-19. In this article, Network Health pharmacist Anna Peterson Sanders shares the updates on vaccine progress and when we can expect adminstration.

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man getting eye test to see if diabetes has caused vision loss

Do All Diabetics Go Blind?

You've undoubtedly heard about the connection between diabetes and vision loss, but how much of this is accurate and how much of this is a myth? Find out in this article.

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person gripping railing so as not to fall down the stairs

Falls Present a Serious Risk and Can Be Avoided

Fall risk for seniors and those in high-risk categories can present obstacles to daily living. In this post, we look at some simple steps you can take to reduce the chance fo this potentially devastating hazard.

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person receiving shingles shot from personal doctor

Everything to Know About Shingles and Your Health Plan

If you have a Medicare health plan, you may wonder whether shingles vaccines like Shingrix and Zostovax are covered. This article by Kristen Roloff looks at your coverage for these vaccines.

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kale in a bowl for somebody with bladder incontinence

Do Bladder Issues Begin at the Dinner Plate?

The connection between diet and health is well-documented, but could your diet be affecting common bladder control issues? In this post, wellness coordinator Aimee Donnelly shares the surprising truth.

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woman testing her blood sugar with diabetes

Accurate Diabetes Information Can be Lifesaving

When it comes to diabetes, misinformation unfortunately abounds. In this post, Sally Bowman, RN, walks us through nine important things we need to get right in the way we understand and look at diabetes.

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