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Know Your Health: Find the Best Health Insurance Plan Type for You

In this first post of our Know Your Health series, you'll learn about what separates a PPO health insurance plan and an HMO health insurance plan.

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hand holding blocks with different covid-related symbols on them

Hope and Trepidation Exist Together Surrounding COVID-19 in the New Year

In this post, Dr. Andy Wheaton, the manager of pharmacy benefits at Network Health looks at COVID-19 and its status in 2022. Learn about vaccines, boosters and more from Network Health pharmacy experts.

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More Than Just Care: Help for Those Affected by Social Determinants of Health

This post by Karlyn Raddatz, a case management manager at Network Health shares some important resources for those who may have their health care negatively affected by the social determinants of health.

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hand holding medicine tracker and retrieving pills from it

More Than Just Care: Medication Prices Dictate Quality of Care

This article by the Network Health pharmacy team covers the social determinant of health that is prescription drug affordability and contains tips on how to reduce your own prescription drug costs.

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blurred photo of ambulance speeding down road

More than Just Care: Distance Demands Consideration

In this post in our social determinants of health series, quality care coordinator Kris Roloff discusses transportation as an important part of health care access and what we can do to make sure people get the care they need regardless of their transportation situation.

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closeup of stethoscope in black and white photography

More Than Just Care: Health Care Access is a Make-or-Break Metric for Millions

In this blog article by Mallory Mueller, quality health coordinator at Network Health, you'll learn about how access to health care defines one of the major social determinants of health and what we can do to bridge the gap.

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