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silhouettes of children playing in late day sunlight

Summer is Here. Keep Your Children Safe

In this article, Ascension family medicine practitioner Dr. Sarah Wypiszynski talks about how parents can help keep children safe during the warm, hot and bug-filled summer months.

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hand holding sunblock in front of sun

Sunscreen is a Summer Necessity, but Where to Start?

In this post, our wellness team looks at sunscreen, including why it's important and what the SPF numbers mean. If you've been wondering what kind to buy, you've come to the right place.

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mother and young son in shopping cart donning virus-resistant masks

What to Know About the Infectious New COVID-19 Variant

The Delta variant of the coronavirus has been making the news lately. How contagious is it? Are COVID-19 vaccines effective against it? Dr. Andy Wheaton, pharmacist at Network Health, covers these topics and more in this article.

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senior couple reading health information on ipad outside

Grow in the Know with Network Health’s Blog

Grow in the Know is our way of helping our members get the most out of their membership and time researching health, wellness and insurance-adjacent content online. Learn more.

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bowl of banana-based ice cream with banana in background

We All Scream for Healthy and Tasty Summer Treats

In this post, quality care coordinator Julien Her shares four delicious and healthy recipes for everybody's favorite summer treat - ice cream, all of which bypass extra added sugar and dairy.

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couple checking blood pressure on couch

Healthy Living with Diabetes Helps You Live Your Best Life

Diabetes isn't a terminal sentence. Learn how to live a healthy and fulfilling life with this often misunderstood condition as the Network Health wellness team introduces you to the Healthy Living with Diabetes program.

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