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Medicare Advantage Plans for Wisconsin Veterans

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Medicare Advantage Plans for Wisconsin Veterans

You don’t have to choose between your Veterans Association benefits and a Medicare Advantage plan.

You can have both.

A Medicare Advantage plan offers care where your VA benefits leave off. This can mean more provider options that let you see the doctors you want and need, more benefits, like dental, and a premium as low as $0 per month.

Why Do Veterans Still Need Medicare?

If you are a U.S. military veteran with VA benefits, you are not required to enroll in Medicare when you become eligible at the age of 65, but it is still recommended.

Having Medicare on top of your VA benefits allows you to receive coverage outside of VA facilities. Original Medicare includes Parts A and B, the former covering hospital coverage and the latter covering doctor visits, to put it simply. But you can also choose a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) to receive additional benefits that you may not receive from either Original Medicare or your VA benefits.

Benefits of Having Medicare Advantage and VA Benefits?

Medicare Advantage plans start at $0 per month while offering additional benefits. Therefore, Medicare Advantage should not be thought of as a duplicate health plan but rather a back up plan to accompany your VA benefits. If you are struggling to get an appointment at a VA facility or the facility is too far away, a Medicare Advantage plan will allow you to see additional providers while still being covered.

Depending on the plan you choose, your Medicare Advantage plan may also include dental coverage. You may also receive fitness benefits, coverage for eyewear and more.


 FAQ About Medicare for Veterans

What is Medicare?

Medicare is the federal health insurance program for those who meet certain eligibility requirements that include being 65 and older, having a qualifying disability or having end-stage renal disease.

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A Medicare Advantage plan combines all your Medicare needs into one policy, including Part A, Part B and additional benefits that may include dental, vision, hearing, fitness and more. Some Medicare Advantage plans also include Part D, which is drug coverage, though others do not.

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There are multiple Medicare enrollment periods throughout the year, though many people will enroll when they first turn 65. Your circumstances may qualify you to enroll or change your Medicare coverage through one of the enrollment periods.

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Medicare Part A is available with no premium for many people, but Medicare Part B does have a monthly premium cost. Costs for Medicare Part C, or Medicare Advantage plans, may vary and can start as low as $0 per month.

Having Medicare and VA benefits at the same time is much less complicated than many might think. In fact, the two operate separately, with Medicare stepping in to cover your care outside VA facilities. In addition, if you have Medicare Part D (drug coverage), a prescription written by a VA doctor cannot be filled at an in-network Medicare Part D pharmacy, and vice versa.

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There is no primary payer between Medicare and your VA benefits. Instead, your VA benefits will cover care that occurs at VA facilities, while Medicare will handle care that occurs outside of VA facilities, giving you the freedom to see more providers or receive care closer to home.

Like VA benefits, you can have TRICARE and a Medicare Advantage plan at the same time. For any medical bills, Medicare will pay its portion, then TRICARE will cover the remainder.

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