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Network Health Annual Report Reveals Resilience, Compassion and Service Excellence During Global COVID-19 Pandemic

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With the coronavirus vaccine now rolling out to a majority of Wisconsinites, the anguish of 2020 is soon to be something on which we can look back. The last year, after all, was incredibly hard for most of us. It was a year that threw plenty of curveballs at individuals and companies in our communities, forcing them to adapt and pivot with a high level of creativity and agility.

Last week, we published our 2020 Annual Report to the Community, which details how our organization worked in the midst of a global pandemic to help support our members, employees and partners in our hometown communities. 

Among some of the highlights in our 2020 Annual Report to the Community, the following statistics are sources of recognition here at Network Health. These figures help show our company as one relentlessly dedicated to going above and beyond in service of those who count on us for their health care.

In 2020, Network Health was responsible for the following.

  • Philanthropic giving of $100,000.00
  • Increased and expanded benefits for members
    • Enhanced telehealth coverage for virtual visits for all members
    • Pre-paid health services debit card for Medicare members
    • Virtual yoga classes for Medicare members
    • Network Health personal protective equipment (PPE) kits mailed to Medicare members
  • $5.6 million returned to our communities through corporate spending
  • Earning the National Business Research Institute (NBRI) award for outstanding employee engagement

Documenting the year’s trials, successes and focuses for growth in 2021, the report lays bare our mission to build healthy and strong Wisconsin communities, allowing our members and partners to be assured that by choosing Network Health, they’re choosing a Wisconsin-based company that’s doing good in their community.

For more information on what makes Network Health a unique health plan or to learn more about how we can be part of your story in 2021, contact us today.

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