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woman exhibiting good posture standing at her desk

Stand Up for Posture in May

Posture is undoubtedly something you've been reminded to have a "good" attitude toward, but what does it involve? Do we really need to avoid slouching, and if so, why? Find out in this article by Jennifer Footit-Tank.

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doctor testing blood pressure for hypertension in may blood pressure month

Is High Blood Pressure Something to Worry About?

May is Blood Pressure Education Month and that means we're taking a look at this well-known, but not as well-understood, risk factor. Join us as we investigate hypertension, its causes and potential severities.

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parent and child's hand planting a tree

Go Green this Earth Day with Paperless Communication

Going green for Earth Day is simple by changing your member communications over to paperless. Learn how in this blog by our digital marketing specialist, Jordan Kapellusch.

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man retrieving drugs to dispose of them properly

National Drug Take Back Day Encourages Safe and Sustainable Drug Disposal

Throwing away medications may give you pause - and it should. Drugs need to be disposed of properly. National Drug Disposal Day is a great opportunity to learn about the best way to do that and find outlets for unneeded medications.

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couple shopping for health insurance during the 2021 sep

2021 Special Enrollment Period Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic with Open Individual and Family Plan Market

The 2021 federal health insurance exchange has opened for a special enrollment period. Learn what this means and how it can help ensure quality coverage for you and your family during the coronavirus pandemic.

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woman suffering from dry skin in the winter in wisconsin

Dry Skin: Cracking Up for All the Wrong Reasons

Dry skin affects most people in the cold states during the winter. Find out how to prevent and treat dry skin so that you can avoid painful or even dangerous complications.

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couple laughing while eating at a cafe in neenah

Medicare Enrollment Seasons Provide Opportunity for Fraud and Identity Theft

The Medicare enrollment seasons throughout the year provide plenty of opportunity for fraud and identity theft. Learn how to spot these issues and avoid them.

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young couple shopping hix plans on the health insurance marketplace

Finding Coverage that Works for You on the Health Insurance Exchange

It's time to start thinking about your coverage options for 2021. In this article, Reggie Newson from Ascension goes through the things you need to know during your 2020 open enrollment period.

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person sitting and looking cold

What it Means When you Are Always Cold

If you're always cold, it may be more than just an issue with your thermostat. In this article, Morgan Radlinger shares some reasons you may be feeling cold and what they could mean for your overall health.

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travel image with shoes and maps together

Packing for Success

Packing medication for travel can be anxiety-inducing. In this article, Network Health pharmacist Beth Coopman shows you how to reduce the stress with four simple steps.

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sun setting over lake near Wild Rose, WI

Safely Enjoy the Long Daylight Hours of Summer

Thanks to warm weather, a plethora of activities and long hours of daylight, summer is a great season in Wisconsin. Here's how to make the most out of these hours and stay healthy during the warm season.

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wooded trail in green bay area wisconsin

5 Great 10,000-Step Trails in Northeast Wisconsin

From the sweeping views of the Green Bay to the carved glacial shores of Lake Winnebago, northeast Wisconsin has a lot to offer those looking for great hikes that will let you hit your daily step goals. Check out these five!

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Great American Smokeout

Commit to Quit

Approximately 18 out of every 100 U.S. adults smokes cigarettes. That’s more than 42 million Americans.

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person grabbing their back which is aching

Stronger Together: Home Care for a Musculoskeletal Injury

Caring for a musculoskeletal injury is already tough and requires a lot. With #SaferAtHome, however, it can be even more difficult. Read some winning strategies for comfort and care during this time.

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doctor with hand outstretched and medical icons

Change is Inevitable, not Inevitably Uncomfortable

Transition of care seems like a frightening and intimidating concept, but it's easier than you may think to get on board and ensure a safe and comfortable transition.

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woman laying on couch sick with 2020 winter flu

Flu Season Continues

The 2020 Winter Flu season has been among the most severe in recent memory. Here is what you need to know about the 2020 Winter Flu and how it affects your health.

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It’s More Than the Winter Blues

It’s More Than the Winter Blues

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Family christmas photo

Five Ways to Thrive this Holiday Season

Learn about five ways to thrive and enjoy the holiday season by living your best mental and physical health possible. Make the holiday times to remember for the best reasons this year.

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Woman smiling in front of produce

It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle – The Guide to a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Lifestyle

Learn about eating a whole-food, plant-based diet and the benefits you get when you transition to a more clean and less-processed plate.

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senior couple talking to one another about patient assistance programs

Consumer Alert Highlights Dangers of "Patient Assistance Programs"

If you need financial help paying for your medications, you may be likely to call an 800 number for a patient assistance program. Not all of these are free from deceit, however. Find out what to look out for.

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CBD products on a table

CBD Uses, Side Effects and Role in Therapy

Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) has become quite a hot topic. This article looks at the substance's legality, side effect and medicinal applications and whether or not it's right for you.

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cbd oils and products on shelf

Do You Know Your CBDs? Searching For Safety in a Cannabidiol (CBD) Flooded Market

With CBD becoming a hot topic, plenty of questions are swirling around those curious about its legality and safety. In this article, we unpack the safety of CBD and whether it's right for you.

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Bottle of pills open

Taking Opioids for Pain Management – Understanding the Risks and Alternatives

Opioids are all over the news. As prescription pain drugs, they are commonly prescribed, but are there alternatives and what are the risks of taking these pain medications?

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bathroom sign with arrow

Solutions for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a symptom that may lead you to feeling ashamed and afraid of social engagement. We want to clear the shame away, however, and candidly discuss some solutions for this problem which affects millions.

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woman yawning in washed out photo

Making Sense of Your Sleep

Sleep is confusing for many. How do you get to sleep when not tired? What is the perfect amount of sleep? Why do I keep waking up? Check out this article for answers.

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