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Person receiving vaccine from a pharmacist at a pharmacy

Vaccines are Crucial, but Where Should You Start?

In this article by Network Health director of pharmacy benefits, Andy Wheaton PharmD., you'll learn about where you should go to get the vaccines you need depending on what type of health plan you have. Knowing how to reduce paperwork and save some money keeps you feeling healthy and strong.

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physician going over results of bone density screening

Injectable Medication Provides Hope for the Silent Disease

Osteoporosis is a dangerous disease that is too-often discovered by a fracture. In this article by 2022 Doctor of Pharmacy candiate, Aaron Klysen, you'll learn about which medications exist for osteoporosis and what you need to know about them.

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Person at desk balancing books on their head

Good Posture is Straight Up Good for Your Whole Body

This article by the Network Health supervisor of wellness Samantha Clark examines what constitutes good posture and the benefits of good posture which extend far beyond simply standing up a little taller. Learn about these benefits and how have great posture in May and all year.

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person clearly stressed and rubbing their temples on their head

Stress is No Laughing Matter

If you haven't felt especially stressed over the past few years, we'd be surprised. Stress is everywhere but managing it can be crucial to enjoying a healthy and strong life. In this article, Network Health wellness coordinator Mindy Arndt provides some valuable advice on how to manage and reduce stress.

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person holding railing next to their walker

Fall Recovery Means Focusing on Security

In this post by Network Health quality care coordinator Jennifer Footit-Tank RN BSN, you'll learn about falls risk, how to minimize it and - of course - what to do if you do fall. Minimize your risk of injury and further injury.

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couple browsing computer with personal doctor

How Choosing a Personal Doctor Makes Your Health Journey Simple

Choosing a personal doctor and working within the Network Health integrated care model provides several notable benefits on your health journey. This article by Nancy Weber, clinical integration program manager at Network Health, has information about how.

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medicare member reading medicine and consulting pharmacist over the phone

Managed Medication Program Offers Relief to Network Health Members

In this post by Beth Coopman, PharmD., we look at two services offered to Network Health members which help them get the most out of their pharmacy benefit and stay on track with their medications.

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hands holding each other close up photo

More Than Just Care: Help for Those Affected by Social Determinants of Health

This post by Karlyn Raddatz, a case management manager at Network Health shares some important resources for those who may have their health care negatively affected by the social determinants of health.

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hand holding medicine tracker and retrieving pills from it

More Than Just Care: Medication Prices Dictate Quality of Care

This article by the Network Health pharmacy team covers the social determinant of health that is prescription drug affordability and contains tips on how to reduce your own prescription drug costs.

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blurred photo of ambulance speeding down road

More than Just Care: Distance Demands Consideration

In this post in our social determinants of health series, quality care coordinator Kris Roloff discusses transportation as an important part of health care access and what we can do to make sure people get the care they need regardless of their transportation situation.

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closeup of stethoscope in black and white photography

More Than Just Care: Health Care Access is a Make-or-Break Metric for Millions

In this blog article by Mallory Mueller, quality health coordinator at Network Health, you'll learn about how access to health care defines one of the major social determinants of health and what we can do to bridge the gap.

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doctor using the computer to access patient resources and information

Health Care Communication Helps Ensure Positive Outcomes

Communication between providers, health plans, etc. is important at every step of your health journey. In this post, learn how communication of care helps eliminate repetition from your health care journey.

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person assisting older person to sit down at a cafe

World Kindness Day Invites Necessary Empathy and Compassion

Every year, World Kindness Day offers us the opportunity to think about others in a way that is desperately needed. In this post, Michele Eggers, quality care coordinator at Network Health, shares what this means and how you can help this year and beyond.

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person checking their fitness tracker on their wrist

What Fitness Tracker is the Best for Me in 2021/2022?

In this post, Network Health wellness coordinator, Samantha Clark, looks at several popular fitness tracker models and compares them, letting you pick the best model for your fitness goals.

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tootpaste and toothbrush next to each other on white background

Dental Hygiene Begins at Home

Dental hygiene is a crucial part of whole-body health. In this post, Network Health quality care coordinator Michele Eggers discusses how to put together a dental and oral health routine that works for you.

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woman coughing with bottles of pills next to bed

Questions Arise for the Upcoming Flu Season

Will the upcoming flu season be bad? Find out what health experts are saying in this speculative deep dive from our quality care coordinator, Michele Eggers.

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woman sleeping on her side at dusk

A Good Night’s Sleep Means More than Just an Alert Morning

In this article, wellness coordinator Jennifer Stubbe discusses the importance of quality sleep as well as providing some strategies for how you can achieve good, quality sleep.

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hand holding illuminated smartphone in the dark

More Than Ever, Screen Time Keeps Us Connected, But Moderation is Key

The last year has made screen time mandatory for many of us to continue work and socializing, but too much can be risky. In this post, wellness expert Aimee Donnelly talks about why and what to do to help.

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woman exhibiting good posture standing at her desk

Stand Up for Posture in May

Posture is undoubtedly something you've been reminded to have a "good" attitude toward, but what does it involve? Do we really need to avoid slouching, and if so, why? Find out in this article by Jennifer Footit-Tank.

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doctor testing blood pressure for hypertension in may blood pressure month

Is High Blood Pressure Something to Worry About?

May is Blood Pressure Education Month and that means we're taking a look at this well-known, but not as well-understood, risk factor. Join us as we investigate hypertension, its causes and potential severities.

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parent and child's hand planting a tree

Go Green this Earth Day with Paperless Communication

Going green for Earth Day is simple by changing your member communications over to paperless. Learn how in this blog by our digital marketing specialist, Jordan Kapellusch.

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man retrieving drugs to dispose of them properly

National Drug Take Back Day Encourages Safe and Sustainable Drug Disposal

Throwing away medications may give you pause - and it should. Drugs need to be disposed of properly. National Drug Disposal Day is a great opportunity to learn about the best way to do that and find outlets for unneeded medications.

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couple shopping for health insurance during the 2021 sep

2021 Special Enrollment Period Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic with Open Individual and Family Plan Market

The 2021 federal health insurance exchange has opened for a special enrollment period. Learn what this means and how it can help ensure quality coverage for you and your family during the coronavirus pandemic.

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woman suffering from dry skin in the winter in wisconsin

Dry Skin: Cracking Up for All the Wrong Reasons

Dry skin affects most people in the cold states during the winter. Find out how to prevent and treat dry skin so that you can avoid painful or even dangerous complications.

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couple laughing while eating at a cafe in neenah

Medicare Enrollment Seasons Provide Opportunity for Fraud and Identity Theft

The Medicare enrollment seasons throughout the year provide plenty of opportunity for fraud and identity theft. Learn how to spot these issues and avoid them.

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