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person attending a virtual doctor appointment

How Do Virtual Doctor Visits Work?

Take advantage of the benefits of virtual doctor visits by understanding how they work and what they can do to make accessing care simple and easy.

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a woman eating a pizza in bed

How What You Eat Affects Your Sleep

Many lifestyle choices can impact how well you sleep at night, including what you eat. Learn about foods and beverages that can either make it more difficult or easier to get a good night's rest.

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acupuncture needles

Acupuncture: Is It Just a Placebo? Is It Safe?

Learn the truth about acupuncture. Does it really work? Is it just a placebo? We dig into the facts here.

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a person in front of their medicine cabinet trying to decide which medicine to use to treat their cold and flu symptoms

What’s the Difference Between Mucinex vs Delsym vs Sudafed?

When seeking medicine for the cold or flu, you have plenty of options, but you may not understand which is right for your specific symptoms. Learn the difference between the three main categories of cold and flu medicines.

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graphic of a person trying different flu and cold medications to see what works

Does Oscillococcinum Work for the Cold and Flu?

You've likely heard of many remedies for treating a cold or the flu, but few of them are based in modern science. One example is oscillococcinum, a homeopathic that isn't likely to do anything to relive your cold or flu illness. Find out why.

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woman by a heater in a house with no heat

Housing Instability’s Impact On Health and Wellness

Visiting the doctor and eating well is easier said than done, especially if housing instability challenges create barriers to achieving health and wellness goals. Thankfully, Wisconsin has resources for those who are unhoused or facing housing instability.

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a sign pointing in the directions of wellness and stress

Wellness Retreats in Wisconsin – What You Need to Know

Wisconsin may be home to many wellness retreats but it's important that you go in with the right expectations. Learn about what wellness retreats can and can't do for your physical health.

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signs pointing to different sites of health care

Where Should You Go When You Need Medical Care?

Different medical facilities may offer different levels of care, such as the emergency room versus your personal doctor's office. Learn which one to choose in certain situations to help ensure efficient and affordable health care.

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a thief peaking inside a mail box looking for health insurance documents

How to Prevent Medical Identity Theft

Learn about a form of identity theft that often isn't discussed. It's medical identity theft and can result in you receiving a bill for medical services or prescriptions that you never received. Find out what you can do to prevent it and how to know if you've been a victim.

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healthy salmon meal with lemon and asparagus

Get Healthy Meals and Ingredients at These Milwaukee Area Locations

There are plenty of delicious restaurants throughout the Milwaukee area, but what about healthy options? From Brookfield to Wauwatosa, the area has plenty of those too. Here are some local favorites.

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man taking statins medication

Using Statins vs. Supplements for Lowering Cholesterol

For a variety of reasons, some people can be hesitant to take statins when prescribed, hoping instead to solve their cholesterol problems with dietary supplements. Though, diet and exercise can always help, supplements are not an effective replacement for statins. We explain why.

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what is the medicare star rating graphic

Why Are Star Ratings Important to Medicare Advantage Plans?

When it comes to your health, it’s understandable that you would expect top of the line care and insurance. In the same way that some health care providers have online reviews and ratings, Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Part D plans come with their own ratings in the form of a 5-star system.

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medicare advantage vs medicare supplement side-by-side

Difference Between Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

Signing up for Medicare Parts A and B (coverage for hospital visits and doctor visits, respectively) isn’t enough for many people, as Medicare in its most basic form won’t cover everything. A Medicare Advantage plan (also known as Medicare Part C) or Medicare Supplement plan (also known as Medigap), can offer you help where original Medicare falls short. Which is the best option for you? Let us help you decide by explaining the differences

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Person receiving vaccine from a pharmacist at a pharmacy

Vaccines are Crucial, but Where Should You Start?

In this article by Network Health director of pharmacy benefits, Andy Wheaton PharmD., you'll learn about where you should go to get the vaccines you need depending on what type of health plan you have. Knowing how to reduce paperwork and save some money keeps you feeling healthy and strong.

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physician going over results of bone density screening

Injectable Medication Provides Hope for the Silent Disease

Osteoporosis is a dangerous disease that is too-often discovered by a fracture. In this article by 2022 Doctor of Pharmacy candiate, Aaron Klysen, you'll learn about which medications exist for osteoporosis and what you need to know about them.

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Person at desk balancing books on their head

Good Posture is Straight Up Good for Your Whole Body

This article by the Network Health supervisor of wellness Samantha Clark examines what constitutes good posture and the benefits of good posture which extend far beyond simply standing up a little taller. Learn about these benefits and how have great posture in May and all year.

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person clearly stressed and rubbing their temples on their head

Stress is No Laughing Matter

If you haven't felt especially stressed over the past few years, we'd be surprised. Stress is everywhere but managing it can be crucial to enjoying a healthy and strong life. In this article, Network Health wellness coordinator Mindy Arndt provides some valuable advice on how to manage and reduce stress.

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person holding railing next to their walker

A Seniors Guide to Fall Recovery

In this post by Network Health quality care coordinator Jennifer Footit-Tank RN BSN, you'll learn about falls risk, how to minimize it and - of course - what to do if you do fall. Minimize your risk of injury and further injury.

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couple browsing computer with personal doctor

How Choosing a Personal Doctor Makes Your Health Journey Simple

Choosing a personal doctor and working within the Network Health integrated care model provides several notable benefits on your health journey. This article by Nancy Weber, clinical integration program manager at Network Health, has information about how.

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medicare member reading medicine and consulting pharmacist over the phone

Managed Medication Program Offers Relief to Network Health Members

In this post by Beth Coopman, PharmD., we look at two services offered to Network Health members which help them get the most out of their pharmacy benefit and stay on track with their medications.

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hands holding each other close up photo

More Than Just Care: Help for Those Affected by Social Determinants of Health

This post by Karlyn Raddatz, a case management manager at Network Health shares some important resources for those who may have their health care negatively affected by the social determinants of health.

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hand holding medicine tracker and retrieving pills from it

More Than Just Care: Medication Prices Dictate Quality of Care

This article by the Network Health pharmacy team covers the social determinant of health that is prescription drug affordability and contains tips on how to reduce your own prescription drug costs.

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blurred photo of ambulance speeding down road

More than Just Care: Distance Demands Consideration

In this post in our social determinants of health series, quality care coordinator Kris Roloff discusses transportation as an important part of health care access and what we can do to make sure people get the care they need regardless of their transportation situation.

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closeup of stethoscope in black and white photography

More Than Just Care: Health Care Access is a Make-or-Break Metric for Millions

In this blog article by Mallory Mueller, quality health coordinator at Network Health, you'll learn about how access to health care defines one of the major social determinants of health and what we can do to bridge the gap.

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doctor using the computer to access patient resources and information

Health Care Communication Helps Ensure Positive Outcomes

Communication between providers, health plans, etc. is important at every step of your health journey. In this post, learn how communication of care helps eliminate repetition from your health care journey.

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