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person adorned in large floppy sun hat to protect their skin

Skin Cancer is a Serious Risk. Here’s How to Stay Safe

Summer is fun in Wisconsin, but can also be a dangerous time for our skin. Network Health quality care coordinator Sally Bowman RN discusses some ways to steer clear of harmful UV while enjoying the outdoors in this timely article on sun safety.

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two people in a kayak applying sunscreen to protect their skin

Protection from Summer’s UV Rays May Be Just a Bottle Away

Our abundant sunlight's ultraviolet (UV) radiation can warm and dry you quickly after a refreshing swim but is also a risk factor for skin cancer. In this article by Network Health pharmacist Sarach Wilczek, you'll learn about whether sunscreen or sunblock is better for you and what separates the two.

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Person receiving vaccine from a pharmacist at a pharmacy

Vaccines are Crucial, but Where Should You Start?

In this article by Network Health director of pharmacy benefits, Andy Wheaton PharmD., you'll learn about where you should go to get the vaccines you need depending on what type of health plan you have. Knowing how to reduce paperwork and save some money keeps you feeling healthy and strong.

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Network Health group arriving to America's Black Holocaust Museum community day

Community Day at America’s Black Holocaust Museum Shows Strength of Community

Network Health is a community sponsor of America's Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee. This past weekend, the museum was able to open its doors for its first community day since reopening in February. We were there. Learn more about the museum and see photos from the event.

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physician going over results of bone density screening

Injectable Medication Provides Hope for the Silent Disease

Osteoporosis is a dangerous disease that is too-often discovered by a fracture. In this article by 2022 Doctor of Pharmacy candiate, Aaron Klysen, you'll learn about which medications exist for osteoporosis and what you need to know about them.

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younger couple checking their fitness trackers during an exercise session

Are Fitness Subscription Services Worth It? Let’s Take a Look

Fitness wearables help you stay on track to your goals, but most also offer premium services and apps with in-depth analytics and coaching. Are they worth it? In this article, Network Health supervisor of wellness Samantha Clark helps answer that and find the best option for you.

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