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woman coughing with bottles of pills next to bed

Questions Arise for the Upcoming Flu Season

Will the upcoming flu season be bad? Find out what health experts are saying in this speculative deep dive from our quality care coordinator, Michele Eggers.

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physician checking a person's blood pressure with a cuff device

Know When You Need Emergency Heart Care

In this post by Ascension cardiologist, Dr. Kingston Okrah, you'll learn what to look for when it comes to a stroke or heart attack as well as the risk factors to work on avoiding to lower your chance of having a major heart event.

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person receiving vaccine from a doctor in a clinic

Immunizations Remain Paramount in Preventive Care

We talk about preventive care a lot on the Grow in the Know blog. One of the most important elements of preventive care is immunizations. Quality care coordinator, Kris Roloff, tells us why with regards to four common vaccines.

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person comforting another sitting down with sunlight behind them

Suicide is an Epidemic. Here’s How to Help

TW: Self-harm, depression, trauma and death. This post, by Network Health Quality Care Coordinator Mary Zamost, discusses the suicide epidemic and what we can all do to help those struggling with questions and feelings about it.

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woman receiving flu shot by doctor in home

The Flu Shot is Crucial, But Do I Need it This Year?

You're aware of how important the flu shot is, but does it become more important or less important as we age? Do you really need the flu shot if you're over 60? The answer is yes and this article is why.

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children in a classroom with masks on

Together We Can Protect Our Children and Help Keep Our Community Safe

In this post, Dr. Tom Nichols MD from Ascension Wisconsin stops by to share the importance of keeping children safe and some ways to do so during the ongoing COVID-19 panemic.

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