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Network Health Sponsors America’s Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee

americas black holocaust museum with chairman bert davis

By Kelli VanderWielen, community engagement coordinator at Network Health

Building healthy and strong Wisconsin communities is our mission. A mission like this can’t be done alone and has always involved working alongside those who are similarly committed to making Wisconsin a place the rest of the nation can look up to.

Our most recent partnership is one for which we are grateful and teeming with anticipation as it relates to our shared mission. Network Health is a 2022 sponsor of America’s Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee.

Originally opened in 1988, and operating virtually since 2012, America’s Black Holocaust Museum is a historical and memorial museum that commemorates and provides factual, primary-source information on the American Black Holocaust, from pre-captivity in Africa through the present day.

Every year, thousands of the museum’s visitors learn about the history of African peoples before captivity, their journey to the United States of America, the brutal years of enslavement that followed, the ongoing oppression through Jim Crow laws and anti-Black legal frameworks, lynching and the modern systems that are born from, perpetuate and enshrine racial inequality throughout the United States of America.

For the first time since 2008, America’s Black Holocaust Museum will have a physical presence in Milwaukee, with the museum's grand reopening occurring on February 25, 2022, at its new home of 401 W. North Avenue in Milwaukee.

Why February 25th? This date is the birthday of the museum’s founder, Dr. James Cameron. His son will attend the grand reopening ceremony.

dr james cameron

America's Black Holocaust Museum founder, Dr. James Cameron (Photo courtesy of America's Black Holocaust Museum)


The grand reopening of America’s Black Holocaust Museum is open to the public, with events going from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. that day. 

We’re delighted about being able to support this organization with a 2022 sponsorship. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing collaborative activities between Network Health and America’s Black Holocaust Museum throughout the remainder of the year.

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