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March 2021


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USPSTF Addressing Health Inequities


USPSTF Adressing Health Inequities

The US Preventive Services Task Force recently published an article in JAMA outlining how they plan to address systemic racism through their clinical preventive service recommendations, noting convincing evidence that systemic racism causes health inequities, including for disease prevention and health promotion. The task force understands the roots of systemic racism ae deep and need to be collectively addressed by all levels of healthcare, research funding agencies, and policy makers.

Actions the Task Force is committing to include:

Consider race primarily as a social rather than a biological construct
  • Promote diversity in membership and leadership of the USPSTF
  • Commission an inclusive review of the evidence including effects of systemic racism on preventive services delivery and outcomes
  • Update USPSTF methods to address evidence gaps for Black, Indigenous, and Hispanic/Latino populations
  • Use a consistent and transparent approach to communicate gaps
  • Collaborate with other guideline-making bodies, professional societies, policy makers, and patient 
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