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man lying in bed with a thermometer

Could the 2022/2023 Flu Be Worse Than Past Years?

Quarantines and mask wearing may have impacted the severity of the flu season during the COVID-19 pandemic, so could we now be in for a particularly bad flu season in 2022-2023?

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scientist creating vaccine in lab with graphics

Vaccines Aren’t Just for Kids. These Are Four Vaccines You Should Get as an Adult.

It's not wise to skip out on vaccines, but if you're not sure where to start, here are a list of four common vaccines and why it's smart to get them.

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vaccine vial with syringe on calendar

Is It Too Soon to Get a Flu Shot This Year?

Get ready for flu season by learning when the best time to get the flu shot is and how the vaccine can keep you healthy.

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monkeypox virus text with graphic of arms with monkeypox

What to Know About Monkeypox in the United States, From Common Symptoms to How It Spreads

Find out what you should know about the recent monkeypox outbreak in the United States, including symptoms to watch for and how to keep yourself healthy.

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hand holding blocks with different covid-related symbols on them

Hope and Trepidation Exist Together Surrounding COVID-19 in the New Year

In this post, Dr. Andy Wheaton, the manager of pharmacy benefits at Network Health looks at COVID-19 and its status in 2022. Learn about vaccines, boosters and more from Network Health pharmacy experts.

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person consulting with their personal doctor about health screenings

Screenings Not to Miss in the New Year

In this article by quality health coordinator Michele Eggers, you'll learn about some important screenings to be asking your personal doctor about as we move out of 2021 and into 2022.

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person receiving vaccine from a doctor in a clinic

Immunizations Remain Paramount in Preventive Care

We talk about preventive care a lot on the Grow in the Know blog. One of the most important elements of preventive care is immunizations. Quality care coordinator, Kris Roloff, tells us why with regards to four common vaccines.

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woman receiving flu shot by doctor in home

The Flu Shot is Crucial, But Do I Need it This Year?

You're aware of how important the flu shot is, but does it become more important or less important as we age? Do you really need the flu shot if you're over 60? The answer is yes and this article is why.

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person standing next to doctor with needle in hand

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

This month, we recognize the importance of vaccines. One important way you can help in this preventative measure is by staying on top of your recommended vaccine schedule. Learn more in this article.

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Leaves on a string during autumn

Wise Health Care Consumer: Take an Active Role During Transition of Care

Having an active role in your transition of care ensures that it goes as smoothly as possible and that you're getting the most out of your experience. Learn more.

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hand holding sunblock in front of sun

Sunscreen is a Summer Necessity, but Where to Start?

In this post, our wellness team looks at sunscreen, including why it's important and what the SPF numbers mean. If you've been wondering what kind to buy, you've come to the right place.

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mother and young son in shopping cart donning virus-resistant masks

What to Know About the Infectious New COVID-19 Variant

The Delta variant of the coronavirus has been making the news lately. How contagious is it? Are COVID-19 vaccines effective against it? Dr. Andy Wheaton, pharmacist at Network Health, covers these topics and more in this article.

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younger hand holding older hands

Preventing or Slowing the Progress of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Both Alzheimer's disease and dementia are frightening, but far from inevitable. Learn some expert-recommended strategies for preventing these mental disorders and slowing their progression.

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doctor showing woman bone density results

Osteoporosis – Know this Silent Disease and its Risks

In this blog, our quality care coordinator, Jennifer Footit-Tank, talks about some of the unexpected risks of osteoporosis and why it gets increasingly important to pay attention to risk factors as you age.

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physician assisting woman who has been through an osteoporosis fracture

Osteoporosis Means Taking Extra Care

If you have osteoporosis, you're at risk of a fracture from the disease. These fractures require extra care and healing time. In this blog, our quality care coordinator, Jennifer Footit-Tank, goes into more detail.

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dr zeimet and kris wells following covid-19 vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccine: 6 Myths and Facts

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect members of our Wisconsin communities. Learn about some of the common myths going around and how to separate them from the facts of this immunization.

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scientist working on covid vaccine and graphic of people connected

COVID Herd Immunity Promises a Safer Wisconsin, But When?

You may be hearing the term "herd immunity" a lot more in the coming days, but what do we mean by that? When will Wisconsin have herd immunity? We answer these questions and more you may have.

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woman holding nose because of nosebleed

Nosebleeds Abound in Winter. Here’s What to Do

Nosebleeds are uncomfortable. Beyond that, they can be downright dangerous. Learn how to prevent these messy incidents and treat them should you experience one.

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man at doctors office receiving consultation for colon screening

This Year, Make the Pledge to Take Care of Your Colon Health

Colon screenings are used to detect a variety of health issues that can turn into serious problems if not given proper attention early. Find out why they're more important than ever in 2021.

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person holding covid-19 vaccine up to the light

Getting to Know Our New Ally in the Fight Against COVID-19: Vaccines

The COVID-19 pandemic has gone on for nearly a year now. Luckily, we're transitioning from defense to offense with the arrival of two vaccines. Here's what you need to know.

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first ascension wisconsin covid 19 recipient pulmonologist

Help is On the Way

The COVID-19 vaccine is being administered. Find out how Ascension Wisconsin is working to prepare for a mass roll-out and the safety steps that are being taken in the interim.

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person gripping railing so as not to fall down the stairs

Falls Present a Serious Risk and Can Be Avoided

Fall risk for seniors and those in high-risk categories can present obstacles to daily living. In this post, we look at some simple steps you can take to reduce the chance fo this potentially devastating hazard.

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person receiving shingles shot from personal doctor

Everything to Know About Shingles and Your Health Plan

If you have a Medicare health plan, you may wonder whether shingles vaccines like Shingrix and Zostovax are covered. This article by Kristen Roloff looks at your coverage for these vaccines.

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scientists working on COVID-19 vaccine for coronavirus

How Soon Will We Have a Vaccine for the Coronavirus?

Everybody, the world over, is waiting for news on a vaccine for COVID-19. In this article, Network Health pharmacist Anna Peterson Sanders shares the updates on vaccine progress and when we can expect adminstration.

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Medicare-aged couple shopping for fruit at an outdoor market

Why Staying Healthy at a Young Age is Important for Thriving in the Golden Years

When it comes to being healthy in your "golden years," the choices you make now can have a profound impact. Read more from KiErrin Phillips, MSN, RN at Network Health

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