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network health member Mary and daughter with quote

A Letter from Mary

Recently, our team received a letter from Mary, a Network Health member. Mary’s words speak for themselves and are a reminder of why we do what we do. This is Mary’s Network Health story.

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Ed W from Shawano with superimposed quote

Waiting For The Call

For people waiting on an organ transplant, every time the phone rings, time stops for a few seconds. Read Ed's inspiring story and how Network Health and Froedtert stepped up.

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marti dick blog - couple at table

Discover What Really Matters

Insurance agents are the experts at finding the right health insurance. And, when it came time for agent Marti Norton to retire and decide on her own plan, she picked Network Health Medicare Advantage.

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July Balance Feature-Cover

Stronger Than Cancer

When a rare form of cancer threatened to take Don Sipe’s life, his Network Health care manager helped him get the care he needed from a world-class cancer center.

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Ray playing pool

Paying it Forward

“You have to do something about this.” Those words from his wife, Joy, were all the motivation Ray Zuelke needed to get more involved in one of their favorite organizations, the Thompson Community Center.

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Jeremy Library

The Health Benefits of Reading

Every Wisconsinite knows the winter months can be long. The limited day light, the cold and snow can be brutal.

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The Power of Positivity

2016 was a big year for Anne Rappert. Anne started the year determined to change her physical health, but she never expected her health improvements to have such a strong impact on other areas of her life, too.

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arial view - biking

The Benefits of Biking at Any Age

In Wisconsin, we’re lucky to have miles and miles of scenic bike trails. The fall provides the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy them.

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female on couch

Staying Calm in the Face of Adversity

For the last several years, Karen has had an unhealthy reaction to stress. “I was like a cat on a hot tin roof,” Karen said. Her back would go out, and she would become extremely irritable.

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Finding Strength and Healing in Each Other

The Maynards are a large and loving family made up of foster children, special needs adults, adopted and biological children. Their special bonds have helped them through trying times and many health scares.

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