Concerned about the coronavirus? Find the latest information here.
Concerned about the coronavirus? Find the latest information here.

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illustration of teacher with back to school on whiteboard

Back to School Means Back to the Doctor

Though the 2020 back-to-school season is set to be a very different one than usual, it is still the best time for well child visits and health screenings. Find out more.

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close up of beads and craft supplies for safer at home

Fun, Family-Friendly Activities for Peaceful Homes During #SaferAtHome

Safer At Home can be hard for families, but check out these great ways to have fun while spending more time with your loved ones indoors.

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child being seen by doctor for back to school checkup

Back to School. Back to the Doctor

Back to school season brings with it plenty of cares and considerations for parents wanting to give their child the best possible school season. See why a doctor's appointment is necessary.

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kids excited for back to school

Back to School Health Checklist

Back to school is an exciting time for both children and parents. Ensure your kids have the best education ahead of them with this back-to-school health checklist.

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boy screen time

How Much is Too Much Screen Time

All parents want the best for their children. Most work hard to make sure their children eat the right foods, go to the right schools and have friends who are positive influences.

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Halloween Kids Safety

Halloween Safety

Halloween is the second most popular commercial holiday behind Christmas when it comes to spending. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans will spend about $7 billion on Halloween between decorations, costumes and candy.

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Laptop on a desk next to a stethoscope

Top Tips to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has become a major health issue across the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity now affects 17 percent of all children and adolescents in the United States. That number is three times the rate from just one generation ago.

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Teen Stress

Stressay – An Essay About Stress from a Teenage Perspective

We have all felt it. The fear-inducing burden of stress that makes hearts race and palms sweat. The definition of stress is a specific response by the body to a stimulus, which disturbs the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism. That’s a mouthful.

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