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an older person with sore knees on the couch

How To Get Up From a Fall With Bad Knees

As you age, getting up from a fall, or even the couch, can be a difficult task. This is especially the case if you have bad knees, so learn the best way to do it safely and effectively.

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a hand blocking a series of falling blocks, representing fall prevention

Creating a Home Safety Plan for Seniors

Safety around the home becomes more difficult and critical as we age, so if you're of senior age, take the time to make a safety plan that allows you to seek help in case of an accident.

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a senior woman putting on her glasses so she can see better to avoid falling

How Vision and Hearing Can Affect Falls Prevention

Staying upright is influenced by your ability to hear and see, so having the proper eyewear and hearing aids, in addition to regular checkups, is crucial to your fall prevention strategy.

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an elderly woman carefully walking down a set of stairs

How a Fear of Falling, or Post-Fall Syndrome, Can Affect Your Fall Risk

Experiencing an injurious fall can be a frightening experience, leading to a post-fall syndrome, a fear of falling. While caution can be useful to avoid falls, fear can actually increase your fall risk. Learn how to take that fear from a fall and transfer it into safe habits.

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person slipping on wet leaves

Our Top Tips for Preventing and Avoiding Falls in Autumn and Winter

Each season presents its own unique hazards when it comes to slips and falls. It can be particularly challenging to stay surefooted in both winter and autumn, so here are some things to watch out for and tips for a safer home.

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a senior person feeling dizzy in their home

Why Do I Feel Dizzy and Like I’m Going to Fall Over?

Falling is not a natural part of aging, but risk can often increase with age. Learn about some of the possible causes of balance disorders and when you should consider seeing your doctor.

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a person's feet preparing to make a step up

Fall Prevention Home Safety Checklist

Get a list of fall prevention hazards for each room of the home and how you can avoid them, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and even the yard.

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senior person looking at new shoes

Keeping Your Feet Well Cared for is a Crucial Part of Avoiding Falls

Learn about the role taking care of your feet plays in fall prevention, including wearing the proper shoes and healing from injury.

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x-ray view of a person walking on a treadmill and you can see their bones

How Seniors Can Keep Their Bones Strong

For older adults, it doesn't necessarily take a traumatic accident to break a bone, as a simple fall can result in such an injury due to low bone mineral density. Thankfully, there are things that can be done to keep bones strong.

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senior man carefully walking up the stairs

Meditation Techniques for Preventing Falls

In its simplest form, meditation is about focusing on your thoughts, and it's a practice that can help you prevent falls and stay surefooted both outside and in your house,

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person walking their dog on a muddy rain-filled path

Best Shoes to Prevent Falls and Other Spring and Summer Fall Prevention Tips

Even when the snow melts, the spring and summer months can create their own hazards when it comes to slips and falls. Here are some tips for having a surefooted fall prevention strategy.

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graphic saying falls prevention changing your habits

Changing Your Lifestyle Can Change Your Risk of Falling

Jennifer Footit-Tank RN BSN, quality care coordinator at Network Health, explains how bad habits can lead to a risk of falls, while setting good habits can be vital to minimizing your risk of falling down.

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person talking to their doctor in a virtual appointment

How Online Doctor Visits Can Help You Prevent Falls

If you have concerns about venturing outside your home due to risk of falls, but don't want to miss your doctor appointment, consider a virtual doctor visit instead.

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