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diabetes medication

Handling the High Costs of Type 2 Diabetes: Suggestions for Savings

When it comes to diabetes, the high cost of diabetes can make it difficult to adhere to taking medications as prescribed. Network Health outlines some steps that might help.

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a woman with diabetes looking inside the fridge

How to Stop Diabetes Hunger Pangs

Excessive hunger can be symptom of diabetes that causes hunger pangs and difficult-to-avoid cravings. Learn how you can better manage these hunger pangs.

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woman getting an eye exam for diabetes

Why People With Diabetes Should Get Eye Exams

Vision loss can be a scary thing for those with diabetes, but there are ways to prevent it, including regular eye exams. We explore that types of eye diseases caused by diabetes and why diabetic eye exams are so important.

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women exercising to help prevent diabetes

Diabetes Prevention – 5 Tips for Taking Charge of Your Health

Staying active every day can keep diabetes at bay. Regular physical activity is one of multiple acts of prevention you can take to avoid diabetes. Find more tips here.

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plate of fruit in a heart shape next to blood pressure log and glucose meter

Diabetes Prevention and Management Programs Make a Difference

Though a diabetes or prediabetes diagnosis may seem dire, Network Health offers and facilitates programs that can help you enjoy an equal or better qualify of life to pre-diagnosis. In this article by senior quality program coordinator Kristy Fast, you'll learn about two such programs.

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couple checking blood pressure on couch

Healthy Living with Diabetes Helps You Live Your Best Life

Diabetes isn't a terminal sentence. Learn how to live a healthy and fulfilling life with this often misunderstood condition as the Network Health wellness team introduces you to the Healthy Living with Diabetes program.

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women walking together in formation

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes is Possible

Diabetes Type 2 can be a staggering chronic condition. Luckily, it is almost entirely preventable through lifestyle changes and knowledge. The Prevent T2 program at Network Health offers such knowledge in a group settting.

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gloved hands drawing insulin shot

Everything to Know About Diabetes

Diabetes is a potentially severe disease with a broad range of health effects, symptoms and treatments. This deep dive, by senior wellness coordinator Samantha Clark, shares everything you need to know about diabetes.

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man getting eye test to see if diabetes has caused vision loss

Do All Diabetics Go Blind?

You've undoubtedly heard about the connection between diabetes and vision loss, but how much of this is accurate and how much of this is a myth? Find out in this article.

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woman testing her blood sugar with diabetes

Accurate Diabetes Information Can be Lifesaving

When it comes to diabetes, misinformation unfortunately abounds. In this post, Sally Bowman, RN, walks us through nine important things we need to get right in the way we understand and look at diabetes.

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stethoscope with prevention text overlaid

How the Prevent T2 Lifestyle Change Program is Helping to Build Healthy and Strong Communities

Prevent T2 is a program for Network Health members that is proven to delay or prevent Type 2 diabetes and the myriad health issues that come along with it. Learn more today.

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Man with diabetes checking his blood sugar

Diagnosed with Diabetes: Now What?

Diabetes is a serious condition that, if left unmanaged, can be life-threatening. Here are some strategies for preventing and managing diabetes once you have been diagnosed.

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hands holding insulin needle

Handling the High Costs of Insulin Use: Five Suggestions for Savings

Insulin prices are, again, on the rise. In our latest article, we discuss some strategies for saving money on this life-saving drug and what the future of the market looks like for those who need it.

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woman in red coat standing in forest while skiing

Conquering Diabetes and Living Well

Diabetes is far from a death sentence. Being able to make lifestyle adjustments can lead to a full and happy life with diabetes and can even reverse many of the symptoms. Read one such story.

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blood sugar  monitor and diabetes patient testing

Network Health Launching Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program

To help our members enjoy the fulness of a healthy life, we've launched a diabetes prevention program that works to educate, assist and inform. Learn more.

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prevent diabetes - veggie and scale

Beating Prediabetes

The doctor’s office calls to share the results of your blood work, you have elevated blood sugar. Now you are diagnosed prediabetic.

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Diabetes Awareness

Understanding and Preventing Diabetes

The World Health Organization estimates 3.4 million people die from diabetes each year. That means this often preventable disease causes more deaths than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

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