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Network Health’s Behavioral Health Committee Provides Important Mental and Behavioral Health Resource for Wisconsin

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What is the Network Health Behavioral Health Committee?

By Mary Zamost, quality care coordinator at Network Health
Originally published on 11/22/2021 at 4:00 p.m.

As your Wisconsin health insurance partner, Network Health has several internal committees working to ensure our members, our employees and our communities are able to enjoy their healthiest and strongest lives.

These committees meet frequently, seeking to engage both internally and externally with our corporate values like innovation, service excellence, integrity, collaboration and accountability

One of the committees Network Health organizes and participates in is a Behavioral Health Committee. This committee focuses on provider services for members experiencing behavioral health and/or substance abuse issues. The Committee reviews and advises on the following topics.

  • Prevention, treatment and recovery for our members
  • Best standard of care and practices for behavioral health care
  • Care service evaluations
  • Areas of opportunity and concerns regarding care flow between behavioral health specialists and medical practitioners
  • Increasing the satisfaction of Network Health Insurance members and practitioners

The committee consists of community behavioral health advocates, medical providers and Network Health team members working together to identify opportunities and assist in developing and improving the quality of care members receive and the continuity and coordination of care between members’ behavioral health specialists and medical practitioners.

If you have questions about the Network Health Behavioral Health Committee or are seeking guidance on a topic related to your own health and wellness, we’d love to help. Contact us today.

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