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Preventing Type 2 Diabetes is Possible

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Preventing Diabetes Through the Prevent T2 Program at Network Health

By the Network Health wellness team
Originally published on 7/13/2021 at 1:35 p.m.

As we age, we become increasingly aware of the chronic health conditions for which genetics and lifestyle choices can increase our risk. One of those conditions is diabetes Type 2, a disease that impairs your body’s ability to effectively use sugar.

Because of its potentially serious complications, including blindness, preventing diabetes Type 2 is an important step in living a healthy and well life (Even if you currently have diabetes Type 2, a healthy life is possible. Read more about our Healthy Living with Diabetes class by clicking here).

One way many of our members have found to learn the tools they need to help prevent diabetes Type 2 is through the Prevent T2 lifestyle program at Network Health.

What is Prevent T2 at Network Health?

Prevent T2 is a one-year series of facilitator-led group class sessions for those with prediabetes and those who may be predisposed to diabetes Type 2. Part of the National Diabetes Prevention Program and led by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Prevent T2 has a proven track record in helping individuals prevent or delay diabetes Type 2.

What exactly does the program focus on?

Prevent T2 empowers individuals by focusing on the following lifestyle and risk-mitigation strategies.

  • Dietary changes – You’ll learn the foods that can help you avoid diabetes Type 2 as well as get great recipes and enjoy community discussion around such foods.
  • Physical activity – Find an exercise or exercises that work/s with your schedule and desired activity types.
  • Behavior change strategies – Certain behaviors put us at greater risk of developing diabetes Type 2. Similarly, adopting other behaviors can help us in our quest to prevent the condition. Learn the difference and the most efficient ways to change or implement these behaviors.

With 25 sessions throughout the year, you’ll find a community of people all working toward a similar goal – minimizing their risk of diabetes Type 2. In fact, you can read about our last class by clicking here.

If you’re curious about whether you are in an elevated-risk category for Type 2 diabetes, the CDC has this handy risk assessment tool.

Want more information?

Email [email protected] for more information, including when our next Prevent T2 class is going to start.

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