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Back to School. Back to the Doctor

child being seen by doctor for back to school checkup

Why a back-to-school checkup is important

School is right around the corner, and so are the preparations that go along with it, including preventive care. This season is very busy, but it’s a convenient time to add well-child visits to the calendar to ensure your children are up-to-date on immunizations and screenings.

Regular well-child visits are essential to maintaining optimal physical, social and mental health for infants and children.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the benefits of well-child visits include four things.

  • Prevention – Ensure immunizations are up-to-date to prevent illnesses and discuss topics like nutrition and safety
  • Tracking growth and development –Discuss your child’s milestones, social behaviors and learning
  • Raising concerns – Bring a list of topics to discuss with your child’s personal doctor such as development, behavior, sleeping habits, eating habits and/or social interaction with family and friends
  • Team approach – Well-child visits provide the opportunity for providers and parents to work together to meet the needs of children

Call to schedule your child’s well-child visit today, and have a great school year.

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