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The Power of Positivity


2016 was a big year for Anne Rappert. Anne started the year determined to change her physical health, but she never expected her health improvements to have such a strong impact on other areas of her life, too.

It’s no secret that a positive mindset helps your health. The link has been well researched and documented. And, Anne’s friends and family noticed that throughout the year, Anne’s optimism started to shine through. With every new health goal she accomplished, her confidence grew and it helped shape her into a positive person.

To help explain the link between mindset and physical health, Anne sat down with Network Health’s wellness expert Aaron Hunnel.


Anne explains the key to improving her health was taking it one step at a time. Before starting the Healthy Jumpstart challenge, Anne said she thought she was “a lost cause.” But, with the help of her wellness coaches and by taking small, manageable steps she was able to achieve more than she thought possible.

Over time, the small changes have led to big results. Anne’s mindset started to change. Instead of automatically thinking “I can’t do that.” She realized she had the power to take on anything she set her mind to. Over the past year, Anne has worked hard to live a healthy lifestyle and the outcome has been inspiring. With 2016 coming to a close, Anne can say she is no longer diabetic, she completed her first 5K, lowered her blood pressure, and lost a 100 pounds but gained even more confidence. She also earned a promotion and is enjoying her new role as a human resources coordinator. Anne has a lot to be positive about in 2017 and is looking forward to sharing her story with us.

Do you believe in the link between positivity and better health? Tell us your thoughts below. 



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  1.  Peggy Murphy says:

    I think it is very helpful to have positive and supportive people in your life. I have found that I prefer to be around those type of people versus negativity all the time. I also believe exercise and laughter is the best medicine for staying healthy physically and mentally.

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