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Building Healthy Habits as a Family

Healthy Jumpstart

True wellness is more than just good physical health. Anne Rappert understands this better than most. Since March 1, Anne has been making big changes to improve her life. Of course she wants to lose weight, but that’s not her only goal. By undertaking the Healthy Jumpstart challenge, Anne hopes to gain confidence, find support and be a healthy role model for her children.

A big step in getting the support Anne needed to improve her wellness, was signing up for her YMCA membership. With a YMCA membership, Anne is getting so much more than just access to a gym. The Y’s mission is to build healthy, confident, connected, and secure children, adults, families and communities. This fits perfectly with Network Health’s mission to enhance the life, health and wellness of the people we serve.

The Y waived Anne’s joiner fee and Network Health purchased Anne’s Y membership to give her opportunities to get active and improve her well-being. Since joining, Anne not only meets her health coach Sam Schnell at the Y, but she has also taken her sons so they can play basketball and be active together.


Anne explains, “My boys, Ryan and Logan, are my biggest cheerleaders. They are always asking me how my weekly weigh-ins went and are there to reward me with hugs and kisses each and every week. Hearing them say ‘I’m so proud of you Mom’ or ‘You can do this Mom’ warms my heart every time and it gives me that extra motivation to keep going. They encourage me when I go to the Y for my workouts and sometimes will join me on my walks as well. They keep me on track at home with my healthy eating habits. They make sure I don’t eat something I’m not supposed to have.”


And, getting active together is really starting to pay off. Anne said, “My energy level has increased by leaps and bounds since starting this journey on March 1. I could barely walk across the room without being out of breath before. Now, I am full of energy and am able to exercise on a regular basis.”

Anne’s progress has been very impressive so far. Not only has Anne gained energy and stamina, she is also setting a great example for her children. “I feel it is very important to be active with my family. Kids look up to their parents as role models so leading an active, healthy lifestyle is so important. Instilling exercise and good eating habits early on, will help them sustain a healthy lifestyle as they get older. Plus, being active together as a family is fun and creates special memories.”

Everyone at Network Health is so proud of Anne’s wellness journey. We’re happy not only for Anne, but also her whole family. Make sure to leave a comment below to help support, motivate or inspire Anne to keep up the great work.


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  1.  Georgia Dryer says:

    Keep up the good work, Anne. I know it’s not always easy, but look how far you’ve already come! Proud of you!

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