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Provider Portal Updates

If you’ve submitted feedback about our new provider portal, thank you. The launch of our new portal was a collaborative process that included gathering, listening and incorporating provider feedback along the way.

Throughout the year, we will continue this feedback process to gather suggestions from you and to add new enhancements to the portal.

At any time, visit this page for an overview of what’s improved and enhanced.

What’s New

New changes implemented recently

  • Secure messages in your message center can now be kept for up to three years (your messages will not go away after 30 days)
  • Added common questions and answers to FAQ page
  • Saving your claim search results when navigating back from the claim detail page
  • Added feedback tool to your dashboard
  • Single Sign On with Care Continuum

What’s Coming

Upcoming changes to be released in the next three months

  • Adding the ability to search for claims by service date range
  • Adding the ability to check historical eligibility on patients for the past three years
  • Adding the ability to access claims and authorizations for a specific patient, from the patient detail page
  • Resolution of technical inconsistencies related to pulling up Explanation of Payment PDFs
  • Adding reason codes to claim detail

On the Horizon

Future changes under evaluation

  • Adding more information from the claim detail page to the claim summary page
  • Lengthening the amount of time you can be inactive in the portal before your session times out
  • Evaluating password requirements to make account registration easier
  • Adding a patient’s group number to patient detail
  • Adding the specific type of Medicare Advantage plan a Medicare member is on
  • Adding additional Medicare benefits to show in the benefit table for Medicare members (for example, skilled nursing facility benefits and behavioral health benefits)


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