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Using the Preferred Drug List

The Network Health Preferred Drug List contains the most commonly prescribed medications with information about copayment tiers and restrictions, if any.

Tips for Using the Preferred Drug List

  1. Use the bookmark panel to find the chapter in which the prescription medication is located. For example, drugs used to treat heart conditions are listed in the “Cardiovascular Medications” category. If you know the medication’s category, click the category name listed in the bookmark panel and then scroll through the category list to locate the medication.
  2. If you don’t know the medication’s category, the index link at the bottom of the bookmark list provides an alphabetical list of all medications in the document. Scroll through the index to find the page number for the medication and then go to that page to locate the medication.
  3. The columns on each page list the drug name, any restrictions that apply and the tier number in which the medication is classified.
  4. Abbreviations are explained on the bottom of each page. The tier numbers relate to the copayment amounts, the amount the plan member will pay for the medication according to the member's pharmacy benefit schedule.

Please refer to the "Forward" section of the Preferred Drug List for more information about how to use the list. If you have additional questions, please contact CVS/caremarkTM Customer Care toll-free at 855-282-8476.

CVS/caremark Pharmacy Benefits

CVS/caremark manages almost all of Network Health's group health and individual/family plans. The CVS/caremark website is available to members when they sign in to My Account and then click on My Prescriptions/CVS/caremark link or My Prescriptions link. Online CVS/caremark services for members include:

  • Find a Pharmacy in the Network - A member's prescription ID card is accepted at most major pharmacy chains and many independent pharmacies. Members can find directions and a map to the participating retail pharmacy closest to their home or workplace.
  • Refill On-the-Go - Allows members to set up and mange prescriptions from anywhere, anytime. A free Caremark mobile app can be downloaded to refill prescriptions on the go.
  • Understand My Plan and Benefits - Members can learn about the plan's benefits to help save money. They can compare the pricing and coverage available by filling at a participating local pharmacy or via mail service. Members can also explore which brand-name drugs have generic alternatives available.
  • View Prescription History and Personalized Drug Information - View a member's prescription history and find information about the prescriptions.
  • Ask-a-Pharmacist - Get confidential and reliable answers to prescription and over-the-counter drug questions.
  • Mail Order Service - Choose one of three easy ways to start using the CVS/caremark Mail Service Pharmacy:
    1. Fill out and send in a Mail Order Service Form or use the FastStart New Prescription Fax Form.
    2. Call FastStart® toll-free at 800-875-0867
    3. Use the FastStart® tool found on www.caremark.com

EXCEPTIONS: The following Network Health client companies do not use Network Health for the processing of their pharmacy benefits:

  • Froedtert Health
  • State of Wisconsin

Please Note:

The information contained in the Preferred Drug List is not a guarantee of coverage. Copayments/coinsurance benefits are determined when the pharmacy claim is submitted to CVS/caremark.

Adobe Acrobat is required to download, view and print our PDF documents. If you do not have this program installed on your computer, please download and install this free application today.