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Medicare Plans

Network Health Medicare Explore (HMO)
Premium $35 per month (includes pharmacy)
Deductible This plan does not have a medical deductible.



$4,900 per year 

Inpatient Hospital Coverage1

Days 1-6 $295/day copayment

Days 7 and beyond $0 copayment

Outpatient Surgery Services1

 $295 copayment

Primary Care Provider

$0 copayment


$30 copayment

Preventive Care

$0 copayment

Emergency Room

$90 copayment

Urgent Care

$45 copayment

Low Cost Labs

$0 copayment

Lab and Clinical Diagnostic Tests

$15 copayment

Outpatient X-rays

$25 copayment

Ultrasound, EKGs, EEGs, Stress Test

$35 copayment

Radiation Therapy

$60 copayment

Diagnostic Radiology Services (Such as MRIs, CT Scans)

$125 copayment

Medicare Covered Hearing Exams

$10 copayment

Medicare Covered Dental1

$50 copayment

(does not include services in connection with care, treatment, filling, removal or replacement of teeth)

Supplemental Dental

One exam and cleaning per year with Delta Dental Medicare Advantage Provider.

$30 copayment

Medicare Covered

Eye Exam

$50 copayment

Supplemental Vision

$10 copayment

Inpatient Mental Health Care

Days 1-5 $295 copayment/day

Days 6-190 $0 copayment including “lifetime reserve days” 

Outpatient Mental Health Care

Individual or group therapy

$40 copayment

Skilled Nursing Facility1

Days 1-20 $0 copayment/day

Days 21-49 $172 copayment/day

Days 50-100 $0 copayment

Prior 3 day inpatient hospital stay not required

Physical Therapy

$30 copayment


$225 copayment


Not covered

Medicare Part B Drugs and Chemotherapy


Medicare Part D Drugs


Chiropractic Care

Manipulation of the spine to correct a subluxation (when 1 or more of the bones of your spine move out of position):

$20 copayment

Diabetes Monitoring Supplies and Test Strips1

One Touch™ and Accu-Chek™

(All other brands are not covered)

$0 copayment, applies up to a 90-day supply

Diabetes Self-Monitoring Training1

$0 copayment

Theraputic Shoes/Inserts1

$10 copayment

Prosthetic Devices1

20% of the cost

Related Medical Supplies1

20% of the cost

Home Health Care1

$0 copayment

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