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09 - September

physician checking a person's blood pressure with a cuff device

Know When You Need Emergency Heart Care

In this post by Ascension cardiologist, Dr. Kingston Okrah, you'll learn what to look for when it comes to a stroke or heart attack as well as the risk factors to work on avoiding to lower your chance of having a major heart event.

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person receiving vaccine from a doctor in a clinic

Immunizations Remain Paramount in Preventive Care

We talk about preventive care a lot on the Grow in the Know blog. One of the most important elements of preventive care is immunizations. Quality care coordinator, Kris Roloff, tells us why with regards to four common vaccines.

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person comforting another sitting down with sunlight behind them

Suicide is an Epidemic. Here’s How to Help

TW: Self-harm, depression, trauma and death. This post, by Network Health Quality Care Coordinator Mary Zamost, discusses the suicide epidemic and what we can all do to help those struggling with questions and feelings about it.

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woman coughing with bottles of pills next to bed

Questions Arise for the Upcoming Flu Season

Will the upcoming flu season be bad? Find out what health experts are saying in this speculative deep dive from our quality care coordinator, Michele Eggers.

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08 - August

woman receiving flu shot by doctor in home

The Flu Shot is Crucial, But Do I Need it This Year?

You're aware of how important the flu shot is, but does it become more important or less important as we age? Do you really need the flu shot if you're over 60? The answer is yes and this article is why.

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children in a classroom with masks on

Together We Can Protect Our Children and Help Keep Our Community Safe

In this post, Dr. Tom Nichols MD from Ascension Wisconsin stops by to share the importance of keeping children safe and some ways to do so during the ongoing COVID-19 panemic.

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woman sleeping on her side at dusk

A Good Night’s Sleep Means More than Just an Alert Morning

In this article, wellness coordinator Jennifer Stubbe discusses the importance of quality sleep as well as providing some strategies for how you can achieve good, quality sleep.

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person standing next to doctor with needle in hand

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

This month, we recognize the importance of vaccines. One important way you can help in this preventative measure is by staying on top of your recommended vaccine schedule. Learn more in this article.

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child seeing doctor for annual well-child visit

Make the Time for A Well-Child Visit this Year

Well-child visits are crucial to your children's health. In this article, Network Health quality care coordinator Tara Dontje discusses the importance and some benefits to scheduling early.

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hand holding illuminated smartphone in the dark

More Than Ever, Screen Time Keeps Us Connected, But Moderation is Key

The last year has made screen time mandatory for many of us to continue work and socializing, but too much can be risky. In this post, wellness expert Aimee Donnelly talks about why and what to do to help.

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07 - July

hand holding sunblock in front of sun

Sunscreen is a Summer Necessity, but Where to Start?

In this post, our wellness team looks at sunscreen, including why it's important and what the SPF numbers mean. If you've been wondering what kind to buy, you've come to the right place.

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mother and young son in shopping cart donning virus-resistant masks

What to Know About the Infectious New COVID-19 Variant

The Delta variant of the coronavirus has been making the news lately. How contagious is it? Are COVID-19 vaccines effective against it? Dr. Andy Wheaton, pharmacist at Network Health, covers these topics and more in this article.

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senior couple reading health information on ipad outside

Grow in the Know with Network Health’s Blog

Grow in the Know is our way of helping our members get the most out of their membership and time researching health, wellness and insurance-adjacent content online. Learn more.

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bowl of banana-based ice cream with banana in background

We All Scream for Healthy and Tasty Summer Treats

In this post, quality care coordinator Julien Her shares four delicious and healthy recipes for everybody's favorite summer treat - ice cream, all of which bypass extra added sugar and dairy.

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couple checking blood pressure on couch

Healthy Living with Diabetes Helps You Live Your Best Life

Diabetes isn't a terminal sentence. Learn how to live a healthy and fulfilling life with this often misunderstood condition as the Network Health wellness team introduces you to the Healthy Living with Diabetes program.

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women walking together in formation

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes is Possible

Diabetes Type 2 can be a staggering chronic condition. Luckily, it is almost entirely preventable through lifestyle changes and knowledge. The Prevent T2 program at Network Health offers such knowledge in a group settting.

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06 - June

doctor and patient going over medical history

Cancer Prevention is Crucial. These Screenings Will Help.

Cancer is a big word and one that likely has several negative connotations or associations for you. In this article, Network Health quality care coordinator, Michele Eggers, walks us through what you need to know at each life stage.

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silhouettes of children playing in late day sunlight

Summer is Here. Keep Your Children Safe

In this article, Ascension family medicine practitioner Dr. Sarah Wypiszynski talks about how parents can help keep children safe during the warm, hot and bug-filled summer months.

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younger hand holding older hands

Preventing or Slowing the Progress of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Both Alzheimer's disease and dementia are frightening, but far from inevitable. Learn some expert-recommended strategies for preventing these mental disorders and slowing their progression.

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man having a health consultation with his doctor

June is Mens Health Month. Here’s What We Can Do

Men's health is statistically worse than women's. For that matter, focusing on it during the month of June and throughout the year can help bring attention to prevention and treatment for common conditions.

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words on a blackboard surrounded by different healthy foods

Diet and Distress Are Closer than a Few Letters

Food affects your mood. In this article, we talk about just how food affects your mood and the kind of foods you can eat to improve the way you feel every day.

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high cliff state park seen from lookout

Enjoy the Abundant Beauty of Wisconsin’s Natural Parks this Summer

Living in Wisconsin means we have natural beauty around us all year long. In this post, we look at some of the best places to experience the beauty of summer here in our own backyard.

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05 - May

woman looking sad in front of crib with postpartum depression

Looking at Postpartum Mood Disorder During Mental Health Awareness Month

During mental health awareness month, it's important to consider all facets of mental health and what we can do to help others. In this post, USA Today-Wisconsin Nurse of the Year for 2021, Courtney Hintze, shares about this mood disorder.

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person holding a glass of water and a pill

The Truth About Medications in Pop Culture

Pop culture is increasingly full of references to different prescription medications, not always in the most accurate or responsible contexts. In this post, our pharmacy team dispels myths surrounding four common allusions.

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doctor showing woman bone density results

Osteoporosis – Know this Silent Disease and its Risks

In this blog, our quality care coordinator, Jennifer Footit-Tank, talks about some of the unexpected risks of osteoporosis and why it gets increasingly important to pay attention to risk factors as you age.

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woman exhibiting good posture standing at her desk

Stand Up for Posture in May

Posture is undoubtedly something you've been reminded to have a "good" attitude toward, but what does it involve? Do we really need to avoid slouching, and if so, why? Find out in this article by Jennifer Footit-Tank.

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physician assisting woman who has been through an osteoporosis fracture

Osteoporosis Means Taking Extra Care

If you have osteoporosis, you're at risk of a fracture from the disease. These fractures require extra care and healing time. In this blog, our quality care coordinator, Jennifer Footit-Tank, goes into more detail.

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doctor testing blood pressure for hypertension in may blood pressure month

Is High Blood Pressure Something to Worry About?

May is Blood Pressure Education Month and that means we're taking a look at this well-known, but not as well-understood, risk factor. Join us as we investigate hypertension, its causes and potential severities.

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man on bed suffering from anxiety and or depression

You Are Not Alone

Awareness of anxiety and depression has grown in recent years. In this post, we look at managing these mental health issues through therapy and medication to help you feel better.

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teen receiving a vaccine

Vaccines are Crucial During Teenagers’ Developmental Years

Teenagers go through a tumultuous few years on the path to adulthood but it's also a crucial time to stay on top of preventative care like vaccines. Find out which ones are the most important.

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04 - April

person with asthma holding asthma inhaler for attack

World Asthma Day Invites Greater Awareness for Common Respiratory Illness

World Asthma Day is a day to raise awareness and share stories of those affected by the respiratory disorder, asthma. Learn about what exactly asthma is and how World Asthma Day is helping those affected.

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parent and child's hand planting a tree

Go Green this Earth Day with Paperless Communication

Going green for Earth Day is simple by changing your member communications over to paperless. Learn how in this blog by our digital marketing specialist, Jordan Kapellusch.

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man retrieving drugs to dispose of them properly

National Drug Take Back Day Encourages Safe and Sustainable Drug Disposal

Throwing away medications may give you pause - and it should. Drugs need to be disposed of properly. National Drug Disposal Day is a great opportunity to learn about the best way to do that and find outlets for unneeded medications.

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dr zeimet and kris wells following covid-19 vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccine: 6 Myths and Facts

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect members of our Wisconsin communities. Learn about some of the common myths going around and how to separate them from the facts of this immunization.

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woman receiving checkup at doctor with mask

Mammogram Screenings Remain Important Following COVID-19 Vaccination. Here’s How to Stay Safe

Mammogram screenings are crucial to the health of people with breasts. Learn about how to approach these important screenings and how they are affected by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

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03 - March

exterior of 1570 building at Network Health

Network Health Annual Report Reveals Resilience, Compassion and Service Excellence During Global COVID-19 Pandemic

The 2020 Annual Report to the Community spotlights Network Health's involvement in and support of our communities. Learn what makes Network Health unique in our year-end download.

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scientist working on covid vaccine and graphic of people connected

COVID Herd Immunity Promises a Safer Wisconsin, But When?

You may be hearing the term "herd immunity" a lot more in the coming days, but what do we mean by that? When will Wisconsin have herd immunity? We answer these questions and more you may have.

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doctor talking to child and parent about immunization

Child Immunizations—Still Important During COVID Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a hold on many of our typical medical appointments. Child immunizations are still important, however. Read which ones to prioritize as we round third on the pandemic safety measures.

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couple shopping for health insurance during the 2021 sep

2021 Special Enrollment Period Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic with Open Individual and Family Plan Market

The 2021 federal health insurance exchange has opened for a special enrollment period. Learn what this means and how it can help ensure quality coverage for you and your family during the coronavirus pandemic.

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woman suffering from dry skin in the winter in wisconsin

Dry Skin: Cracking Up for All the Wrong Reasons

Dry skin affects most people in the cold states during the winter. Find out how to prevent and treat dry skin so that you can avoid painful or even dangerous complications.

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woman holding nose because of nosebleed

Nosebleeds Abound in Winter. Here’s What to Do

Nosebleeds are uncomfortable. Beyond that, they can be downright dangerous. Learn how to prevent these messy incidents and treat them should you experience one.

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02 - February

woman holding pink breast cancer ribbon in front of stethoscope

Breast Cancer Demands Early Detection

Breast cancer is among the leading killers of people with breasts in America. Learn how to detect breast cancer early and what steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing this potentially life-threatening illness.

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man at doctors office receiving consultation for colon screening

This Year, Make the Pledge to Take Care of Your Colon Health

Colon screenings are used to detect a variety of health issues that can turn into serious problems if not given proper attention early. Find out why they're more important than ever in 2021.

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person sleeping on their side with sleep mask

netwell: The Whole-Body Benefits of Healthy, Sufficient Sleep

In this netwell article, we look at just how much sleep you need every night and the benefits of a good night of sleep.

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01 - January

couple laughing while eating at a cafe in neenah

Medicare Enrollment Seasons Provide Opportunity for Fraud and Identity Theft

The Medicare enrollment seasons throughout the year provide plenty of opportunity for fraud and identity theft. Learn how to spot these issues and avoid them.

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group of employees at network health having a fun time

Network Health Awarded Circle of Excellence Award from National Business Research Institute

Network Health's work of building healthy and strong communities is evident through the health care work it provides. However, it also excels at service excellence and has a brand new award on the shelf to prove it.

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