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2019 Archives

2019 Archives

12 - December

rear of person walking through forest in winter

It’s More Than the Winter Blues

Seasonal affective disorder or seasonal depression affects millions of Americans every year. Find out what to look out for and some treatment options for this annual mental health disease.

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It’s More Than the Winter Blues

It’s More Than the Winter Blues

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kids decorating cookies

Five Ways to Thrive this Holiday Season

Learn about five ways to thrive and enjoy the holiday season by living your best mental and physical health possible. Make the holiday times to remember for the best reasons this year.

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Woman smiling in front of produce

It’s Not a Diet, It’s a Lifestyle – The Guide to a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Lifestyle

Learn about eating a whole-food, plant-based diet and the benefits you get when you transition to a more clean and less-processed plate.

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Thanksgiving dinner

Don’t Let the High Dose Flu Shot Shortage Deter You From Getting Vaccinated

The high-dose flu shot has a shortage in 2020. With a flu season expected to be especially bad, this may scare you from getting the shot. Here's why it shouldn't.

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11 - November

A Woman smiling with another elderly woman

Help for Caregivers of People with Alzheimer’s

The people who take time to care for those with Alzheimer's disease are some of the most compassionate and empathetic among us. This month, we celebrate them.

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Man with diabetes checking his blood sugar

Diagnosed with Diabetes: Now What?

Diabetes is a serious condition that, if left unmanaged, can be life-threatening. Here are some strategies for preventing and managing diabetes once you have been diagnosed.

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medicare advantage seminar in northeast wisconsin

7 Things to Look For in a Medicare Advantage Plan

Shopping for a Medicare Advantage plan that covers the essentials with room for extra security isn't always easy. Here are seven things to be on the lookout for during your search.

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graphic feat people sitting around table for behavioral health collaboration

Behavioral Health Matters

At Network Health, you'll find people committed to building healthy and strong Wisconsin communities. One way we do that is through a focus on behavioral health.

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10 - October

illustration of woman checking into hospital for mammogram screening

The Importance of Mammograms

Mammogram screenings are extremely important for early detection and treatment of breast cancer/pre-cancerous growth. Read about what makes these screenings so crucial.

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abstract painting illustrating common mental health hurdles

Mental Health Hurdles You Can Overcome

Mental health is a serious topic and those who suffer from a less-than-ideal mental health have plenty of hurdles. Here are some strategies for overcoming common hurdles.

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thousand island park in kaukauna

Getting the Hometown Advantage™ with Local Insurance

When it comes time to get the most out of your health insurance, who you partner with matters. Find out why the Hometown Advantage™ is the best thing to happen to health insurance...ever.

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abstract painting with mental health focus

Mental Illness Awareness Week 2019

Mental Illness Awareness Week is an important time for us to realize the burden endured by those suffering from mental health conditions and lend our voices to easing it.

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09 - September

overlaid image of woods in west bend with west bend chamber logo

Network Health Partners with the West Bend Area Chamber of Commerce

Network Health succeeds because of our members and our partnerships. Read about one such partnership with the West Bend Chamber of Commerce.

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two pairs of feet committed to help prevent falls

Take a Stand to Prevent Falls

Falls pose a serious risk to a significant number of people as they age. Learn some ways to prevent falling and the health risks associated with.

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senior couple talking to one another about patient assistance programs

Consumer Alert Highlights Dangers of "Patient Assistance Programs"

If you need financial help paying for your medications, you may be likely to call an 800 number for a patient assistance program. Not all of these are free from deceit, however. Find out what to look out for.

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08 - August

CBD products on a table

CBD Uses, Side Effects and Role in Therapy

Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) has become quite a hot topic. This article looks at the substance's legality, side effect and medicinal applications and whether or not it's right for you.

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hometown photo contest

Hometown Photo Contest

Hometown Photo Contest

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child being seen by doctor for back to school checkup

Back to School. Back to the Doctor

Back to school season brings with it plenty of cares and considerations for parents wanting to give their child the best possible school season. See why a doctor's appointment is necessary.

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baby being immunized

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

You may not have known it, but August is National Immunization Awareness Month, a celebration of the work done by those who have developed and those who administer immunizations.

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cbd oils and products on shelf

Do You Know Your CBDs? Searching For Safety in a Cannabidiol (CBD) Flooded Market

With CBD becoming a hot topic, plenty of questions are swirling around those curious about its legality and safety. In this article, we unpack the safety of CBD and whether it's right for you.

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100 Club featured employees in front of Network Health wall

It’s Called the 100 Club

Employee recognition is part of what makes the environment at Network Health such a positive and collaborative one. Find out about our special ways to recognize those who hold us together.

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lightened photo of farm with Wisconsin LGBT chamber icon overlaid

Network Health Partners with Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Building partnerships is a huge part of how we are able to advance our missions of building healthy and strong Wisconsin communities. Learn about the partnership we have with the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

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07 - July

icon with world hepatitis day and liver outlined

World Hepatitis Day 2019

Hepatitis is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition with plenty of myths and rumors surrounding its prevalence and spread. Find out how we're helping to raise awareness.

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womans mole being examined for skin cancer by medical doctor

Is it Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is a commonly misunderstood, yet potentially life-threatening, disease. Know what to look out for and when it's time to have a medical professional take a look.

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Bottle of pills open

Taking Opioids for Pain Management – Understanding the Risks and Alternatives

Opioids are all over the news. As prescription pain drugs, they are commonly prescribed, but are there alternatives and what are the risks of taking these pain medications?

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man running on treadmill being consulted by doctor

Living Well After a Heart Attack

The post-care for a heart attack is just as important as treating it when it happens. Find out what kind of life after a heart attack is possible with proper post-care and lifestyle adjustments.

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06 - June

man cradling head in hands for migraine headache

It's More than Just a Headache

In this post, we look at migraine headaches and how they differ from traditional headaches as well as what can be done to prevent and treat them.

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women doing yoga in preparation of a healthy pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy Checklist

Having a healthy pregnancy is paramount for any expecting parent. This checklist goes over some things to keep in mind while planning your pregnancy.

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measles virus with the word measles overlaid

Measles: Am I Protected?

Measles is a highly contagious virus that can be spread in public spaces without direct person-to-person contact. Find out if you're protected in this article which looks at the disease.

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south suburban chamber of commerce logo

Network Health Partners with South Suburban Chamber of Commerce

Network Health has partnered with the South Suburban Chamber of Commerce to bring members health plan options with the convenience and local strength that only Network Health provides.

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five health insurance related icons on white background

Top Five Ways to Save on Your Health Care Costs – Step Four

In our fourth edition of this series, which highlights ways to save on your healthcare insurance cost, we take a look at a sound strategy for maximizing your benefits.

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five health insurance related icons on white background

Top Five Ways to Save on Your Health Care Costs – Step Five

This is the fifth article in our series on the best ways to save on your healthcare costs and get the most out of your health insurance plan. Check it out and learn the final step.

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five health insurance related icons on white background

Top Five Ways to Save on Your Health Care Costs – Step Three

In step three of our series spotlighting strategies for saving money on your healthcare, we look at telehealth and how it keeps costs down while providing 21st-century healthcare.

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five health insurance related icons on white background

Top Five Ways to Save on Your Health Care Costs – Step Two

Our second entry in our series on how to save money on your health insurance plan looks at some less-commonly-known tips that could be very beneficial to know.

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five health insurance related icons on white background

Top Five Ways to Save on Your Health Care Costs – Step One

Learn about the five steps for getting the most out of your health insurance plan and saving money on it.

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05 - May

pen sketch of women's faces

Preventing and Detecting Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a serious and life-threatening form of cancer. This post discusses strategies for the prevention and treatment of this silent killer.

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Mental health awareness

Making Mental Health a Priority

Making Mental Health a Priority

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patrick and son at finish line for a second time

Another Run With My Son

One of the greatest gifts in my life has been teaching my children how to live healthy, active lifestyles. Learn more about father-son bonding and activity.

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Patrick and his son

Another Run With My Son

Another Run With My Son

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woman running on the beach

A Complete Guide to Osteoporosis

Learn about osteoporosis, the bone deteriorating condition, and what can be done to prevent, manage and treat it.

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group of people exhibiting various symptoms

Are You Antibiotic Aware?

This post dives into the importance of antibiotic awareness and what you need to do be healthy in light of the information about it.

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04 - April

two children watching ducks on a lake

Autism - From Awareness to Acceptance

Moving from awareness to acceptance with autism and ASD is crucial for neurodiverse people. Find out how we can take steps to clear up myths about ASD and be there for those with it.

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bathroom sign with arrow

Solutions for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a symptom that may lead you to feeling ashamed and afraid of social engagement. We want to clear the shame away, however, and candidly discuss some solutions for this problem which affects millions.

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woman stretching after recommended amount of sleep per night

Five Tips to Improve Sleep for Better Health and Wellness

We all know sleep is important for health and wellness but just what are we missing out on when we don't get the recommended amount? Find out in this post!

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man making important healthcare decisions with granddaughter on lap

National Healthcare Decisions Day Emphasizes the Value of Advance Directives

Today is National Healthcare Decisions Day, a day to educate and empower the public to take part in advance care planning. Find out about how important these decisions are and how to make them.

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hands holding insulin needle

Handling the High Costs of Insulin Use: Five Suggestions for Savings

Insulin prices are, again, on the rise. In our latest article, we discuss some strategies for saving money on this life-saving drug and what the future of the market looks like for those who need it.

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woman yawning in washed out photo

Making Sense of Your Sleep

Sleep is confusing for many. How do you get to sleep when not tired? What is the perfect amount of sleep? Why do I keep waking up? Check out this article for answers.

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03 - March

older couple talking about colorectal health

Colorectal Screening Identifies Disease for Early, More Successful Treatment

Colorectal screenings are important for full-body health. Find out about some of the diseases that can be detected early when treatment is less intensive and more likely to be successful

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older couple eating salad

How to Make Wise Food Decisions

Making good choices with the food we put into our bodies is difficult, often for a lack of knowledge. Here are some tips on how to maximize your meal time and give your body the best food.

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woman talking to doctor during annual wellness visit

Preparing for your Annual Wellness Visit

Your annual wellness visit is an important part of ongoing health and wellness. Find out some steps you can take to make the visit as quick and painless as possible.

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state of wisconsin with network health logo overlaid

Wisconsin First Featured Business – Tax Management Services

At Network Health, we're proud to be Wisconsin born and raised. We also are proud to partner with the companies that are making Wisconsin healthy and strong. Find out more about tax management services.

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02 - February

rear shot of man walking with dog into woods

Preventing Heart Disease

Heart disease is a leading killer in the United States, but it's also one of the most preventable conditions. Find out steps you can take to help prevent this deadly disease.

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person holding stress ball while donating blood after getting prepared

How to Prepare to Donate Blood

Donating blood is a heroic act that costs very little but actually saves lives. Find out what you may need to know before you show up ready to donate.

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01 - January

group of jovial acquaintances out to eat

Tips for Eating Out

Eating out presents plenty of opportunities to make good or poor decisions with regard to dietary health. Here are some tips to keep you on track.

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winter field and fence in the wisconsin wild

Six Ways to Focus on Your Well-Being in Winter

Between the cold weather and short days, winter can make it hard to focus on things like your health and wellness. Here are six ways to make the most of these cold months.

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closeup of Erin Sarauer

Lung Cancer - Not Just a Smoker's Disease

Lung cancer is often considered to be a disease that only affects those who smoke or those who have smoked, but really it can affect others. Find out about non-smoking high-risk traits in this article.

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